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On 17 October 2020, ZeroUtility conducted an AMA in the Cryptoscreen Indonesia Community. Our guest is Tn. Jared Allan, Co-founder and Concept Developer of ZeroUtility.

Lots of questions as usual from the Community about ZeroUtility progress. The ZeroUtility team took part in a very interesting AMA session which included introductions, questions from twitter, and a live AMA session with the Cryptoscreen Indonesia community. If you missed the AMA in person, read this recap for a deeper insight into ZeroUtility.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting points of our conversation.

Segment 1: Introduction

Samuel Yabes: Hello @AllanJar welcome to our Community

Jared: Hello!! Thank you for having me with you!

Samuel Yabes: Before we start the first session, could you introduce yourself ?

Jared: Absolutely. My name is Jared Allan and I am the concept developer of Zero Utility!! I am currently studying at University Of the arts in Philadelphia for my Masters Degree. I am a crypto enthusiast since 2010!

Samuel Yabes: Thank you for introducing yourself. Can you introduce ZeroUtility (ZUT) to our community?

Jared: Yes! Zero Utility began with only 3 people! We were rugged, scammed and liquidated many times! We came to the conclusion that almost every project in the de-fi space — had very little real life use case and ZERO Utility. So we decided to gather a group of enthusiasts and experts to make a lasting project that aims to fix many of the challenges Blockchain faces!!

Samuel Yabes: What does ZUT offer to token holders?

Jared: Our token holders have many incentives! Firstly, we are fully decentralized and so every holder and community member has a valid opinion on our direction!

Second. Because we are a team of artists as well, our syndicate members receive NFT for burning their tokens!

Third. We have initiatives to build ecosystems around the holder base so that outside revenue increases the holder base!

Such as NFT-Multi Send, which collects fees and buys back ZUT

Samuel Yabes: What is the difference between ZUT and ZFT? Do the two of them work together in the ecosystem?

Jared: ZFT — means ZERO Fungible Token. It is any NFT made by the ZERO UTILITY syndicate! Every ZFT that is released comes with an Innovation, our next release will be a Physical ZFT made from Black Nickel!

We are looking into ways NFT may carry information — such as security encryption, music files, and even ethereum!!

ZUT only innovates!

Samuel Yabes: Total Supply Zero Utility of 1000 tokens (ZUT). Can you go into details about tokenomics ZUT?

Jared: Yes we began with 1,000 tokens. To initiate ourselves, even the team burned a total of 31 tokens permanently! This burn wallet serves as a memorial store value which holds 3% forever!

Are liquidity pool tokens were also burned, forever solidifying our position in uniswap.

Samuel Yabes: 31 tokens or 31%?

Jared: 31 tokens, 3 percent!! Here we have no whales! We are governed by a Gnosis: multi signature team wallet, which serves as a buyback and redistribution for ZUT! Any profits made from our auctions or web products stabilizes ZUT price

Samuel Yabes: What are the next steps that ZeroUtility will take to survive in the crypto space? Or even compete with other similar projects.

Jared: If we look back at our history, we will see that zero utility has been an innovator in the space! We demonstrated a permanent locked liquidity, a .3% transaction burn, a purely community driven project, and not to mention our technological prowess… We compete inadvertently, but we are focused on improving the blockchain, and supporting artists/ one another

Segment 2: Questions from the Twitter

Question 1: Zero Utility focuses more on NFT’s meaning investing in your project is compatible in the long run, what will be ZeroUtility’s long term goals and what are the step are you taking to achieve this?

Jared: Yes we have mostly long term and midterm goals! First we want to invite more artists to our Syndicate! We have begun plans to expand our signature to other communities, by providing artistic support!

We are focusing on security with our physical nft and NFC pairing (near field communication)

We are trying to find ways to make music more popular with nft…. We will be releasing an album by the end of the year!

ZFT album of course

Question 2: Is $ZUT trying to be the new Art & Music 3.0 trading standard asset? If yes, the team gonna need a huge platform able to expand and escalate. Any thoughts foward this? thanks.

Jared: ZUT COULD become this! Our plans as far as expansion will definitely include many more partnerships, which we are always working on! In fact many more partners and teams have come to us and we could be seeing a new partnership very very soon ;)

Question 3: What are the core features that create the value of #Zeroutility ? What does #Zeroutility have that other projects don’t ?

Jared: The core feature is our scarcity, our simple and secure coding, and our unique ecosystem which does not require any form of farming! That’s right! Most of the farming coins have decreased over the months because this is not sustainable!

What we have is a team that is willing to build around our economic platform, as we create a factory of ideas and innovation!

Long term Locked liquidity is a $core feature that $ZUT started!

Question 4: Did you face any challenges while starting Zero Utility? How did you overcome each of your challenges? What was your main motivation to keep going?

Jared: Yes we faced many! Immediately after our launch, there were NINE different clones. Like ZUT2, ZUT3 and then $BROON, $Bbop and others who went on and rugged! This did not stop us. Our main motivation stays the same from our birth… To fight the lies and to uphold truth!

Decentralized finance could be so much more than what it is right now!!! 22 scams on uniswap this week! Unacceptable!!

Question 5: The crypto industry is a fast-growing industry, how flexible is ZeroUtility to change quickly and keep up with technological trends? What is your long-term vision for the DEFI space in which the ZeroUtility project operates?

Jared: With our partners at and the Crypto Bates Group in UK, we are at the forefront of technology and NFT! Most projects are focusing on memes and gambling! This is not our focus, our roadmap will be updated every month because we will be making innovations that quickly!

Zero utility is the most flexible project, because our entire ethos is to address blockchain issues, which arise everyday!

Segment 3: Free/Live Questions

Telegram User: At this point, do you think you need exchanges as a binance to keep growing? Or is it better to forget those things and focus on other activities.

Jared: As we see with Okex, Bitfinex, Kucoin… Decentralized projects should stay decentralized in my opinion…

Telegram User: regarding #ZUT tokens. Do you plan on implementing some way to use #ZUT tokens in addition to acting as an investment method through trading and betting? What is your long term vision for the forecast industry in which the #ZUT project operates?

Jared: Yes we have just built our NFT multi send which will allow ANYONE to use this. Currently we are the only people providing this service!!

Telegram User: What are you focusing right now? In Marketing or build a strong product First?

Jared: We have learned our lesson from looking around us in the defi space. The project is not about marketing it is about building tools! Marketing projects only last for so long… As you can see if you look around you

Telegram User: Besides NFT, Zero Utility are focusing on NFC pairing (near field communication). I never hear NFC, can you explain about NFC to us?

Jared: This technology is developing throughout the years. NFC is what allows your phone to scan payments at the grocery store or at the mall. A little chip interacts with another system to enable specific actions.

Telegram User: Will you agree with me that community is everything? How important is the community to you? and how can we collaborate or help you for the development of the project?

Jared: Community is absolutely everything! You can contribute your art, you can hold ZUT, you can send NFT, the opportunities are endless…

Samuel Yabes: Thank you for answering questions from our community. Before ending the AMA, do you have anything to say to our Community? Before us open Chat again.

Jared: I would like to say thank you very very much! This is our one month anniversary and our fourth AMA! We have developments every day! Follow us on Twitter and join our telegram group to be a part of our syndicate!

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