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On 19 October 2020, Tokoin conducted an AMA in the Cryptoscreen Indonesia Community. Our guest is Tn. Eddy Christian, COO of Tokoin.

Lots of questions as usual from the Community about Tokoin progress. The Tokoin team took part in a very interesting AMA session which included introductions, questions from twitter, and a live AMA session with the Cryptoscreen Indonesia community. If you missed the AMA in person, read this recap for a deeper insight into Tokoin .

Let’s take a look at the most interesting points of our conversation.

Segment 1: Introduction

Samuel Yabes: Hello @ECN123 welcome to our Community

Eddy Christian: Hi @Samuelyabes thank you for having me to represent Tokoin

Samuel Yabes: Could you please introduce yourself and also tell us a bit about Tokoin ?

Eddy Christian: My name is Eddy Christian, I spent 10 years in Canada and worked as a banker before i moved back to Indonesia in 2013 and started my journey in Indonesia. I started as a banker again here in Indonesia and in 2015 i make huge jumped to Cofound a startup for selling furnitures online. From here I learned that MSMEs (UMKM) are very problematic in terms of funding, so in 2019 we will build Tokoin to help MSMEs record their data so that credit scoring can be built for use by financial institutions.

Samuel Yabes: How does Tokoin work or the purpose?

Eddy Christian: Tokoin here to record all offline transaction data by MSMEs (UMKM) and we create each record and store it on blockchain and when financial institution would like to open the data they need permission by using our token, we call it sovereign identity where these data can be use by many HOWEVER it needs permission from the owner of those data.

we also ventured in to gaming, digital goods such as pulsa, paying PLN, PAM etc, these to support MSMEs ecosystem

Samuel Yabes: What products does Tokoin have? And in the future, whether to add more products to review the existing ecosystem.

Eddy Christian: i will share the link to our products

this is our wallet where we will build many programing inside of this wallet, vouchers for mobile legend, Hago and other digital goods.

also we will work closely with marketplaces where MSMEs can shop for their fulfillment.

we also have POINT OF sales to help MSME record their data and we have book keeping app which will launch at the end of october

Samuel Yabes: May I ask for the security system, sir? Because this is related datas and transactions from MSMEs.

Eddy Christian: Our security was built with our partner in Singapore named Shuttleone, we are big enough in investing in the security system, we can’t share the name but this system is offline and doesn’t require internet data but it can be connected with bluetooth

Samuel Yabes: Tokoin is the first blockchain-based platform in Indonesia. Of course by being the first in Indonesia, does Tokoin get direct support from the Indonesian government?

Eddy Christian: Yes of course, we work very closely with 2 ministry, Industrial ministry, trade ministry and Indonesia chamber of commerce (Kadin)

In 2019 we always took part in roadshows from the Ministry of Industry and were invited to represent Indonesia in Germany but unfortunately Covid made it cancel

Samuel Yabes: Can you explain the growth of Tokoin now? Did the Pandemic (Covid-19) affect everything? And what steps will Tokoin take in Q4 2020 or 2021.

Eddy Christian: In March we had a big impact, we wanted to launch our product for MSMEs but we couldn’t because of PSBB and others so that our product launch had to be delayed until August and finally we decided to launch with our B2B marketplace partner, where all their merchants can immediately use TOkoin products, our target in Q1 2021 is 1 million MSMEs and for further developments as I shared before, we will enter into digital goods, gaming vouchers, e-commerce

Samuel Yabes: Do you have Competitors? How is Tokoin different from its Competitors?

Eddy Christian: different business model and target, some work to help farmers, some also provide book keeping app but not blockchain based, we focus towards all partnerships that will bring different level for our Tokoin MSMEs ecosystem and we will focus building our wallet, all new program will come, we just launch our own DeFi where MSMEs can get funded by this BISS DeFi program.

Samuel Yabes: You have partnership with Fantom & ShuttleOne and few other projects, do you have more partnerships coming? Any big names?

Eddy Christian: yes definitely, big names such as TeZos that is going to be working with us and also one of the largest B2C marketplace in South East Asia going to be exciting for sure

Samuel Yabes: What are the future plans for Tokoin? Is there any exciting news coming?

Eddy Christian: we just launched our BISS DeFI where MSMEs can get a chance to get funded, digital goods partnership, Tezos partnership and B2C ecommerce collaboration and definitely listing on a tier 1 exchange

Segment 2: Questions from the Twitter

Question 1: How can Tokoin help MSMEs? Is it with technology? Or with Money Help? What if the MSMEs do not understand Tokoin’s technology or system ? And what kind of target for MSMEs does Tokoin expect?

Eddy Christian: 1. recording technology so that the data can be used as a credit assessment for the financial assessment of the MSMEs.

2. Creating a large and good ecosystem for MSMEs to be able to work and carry out trading activities

3. And can be done via DeFi

Question 2: What is the function of DynamoDB technology in tokoin? And how does it work?

Eddy Christian: this database system for us, and i think you can read it in our whitepaper to know more details about it

Question 3: Could you tell us about your Tokobook app, what makes this digital bookkeeping app unique? How does it work & what tasks it solves?

Eddy Christian: we did a survey towards MSMEs and they do not have a system that can recored a simple book keeping that is why we create Tokobook, and it will look like a social media for MSMEs because it will have the profile of MSMEs and this profile will become their benefit towards selling, buying and borrowing. Tokobook will also record Debit credit and account receivable

Question 4: Is now the focus of Tokoin Marketing only in Indonesia or in various countries?

Eddy Christian: we have built our marketing effort in South East Asia, most notable one are VIetnam and Phillippine

Question 5: Tokoin is ensuring and developing the data security for MSMEs but the main problem of transaction data capture always been a roadblock in such systems, how Tokoin plays its role in providing the correct data for MSMEs ??

Eddy Christian: i think it goes back to how we collect the data and how we can lock the originality of the data by using our Token so that it is not clone or modified

Segment 3: Free/Live Questions

Telegram User: My Tokoin balance is on My T wallet ,. When I want to send to KUKOIN, deposit is suspend because KUKOIN had hacking by hacker. What should I do ?? Is there any exchange outside Kukoin???

Eddy Christian: all deposit and withdrawal in all KuCoin, Bitmax and Biki are being suspended for now until we are finished with Toko Token swap

Telegram User: All project’s are giving consolidation for recent kucoin hack? And even after this hack they are assured this won’t effect business of #KUCOIN as they covered by issuance,,,, so my question is do #TOKO so do you have insurance fund in case of some emergencies?

Eddy Christian: yes we do

Telegram User: What is The biggest challenge Tokoin face right now in order to make impact on crypto space that Tokoin is Different and have great future on every fiture Tokoin have?

Eddy Christian: educating the market is becoming the big challenge

Telegram User: Can you elaborate on the experience of the development team who developed Tokoin ?

Eddy Christian: have a look at our whitepaper we shared it there

Telegram User: when the Store application is ready to be used by MSMEs, #TOKOINGlobal when we will have a new smart contract address and the steps. how many trading pairs are available for the toko?

Eddy Christian: it is ready, i shared the link upstairs, and currently only BTC and USDT

Telegram User: In the world cryptocurrency competition, features are of the utmost importance to attract investors and the community! Can you provide a list of killer features that scare your competitors over your project?

Eddy Christian: i already shared it upstair please refer to that answer

Telegram User: what are the ways that your project generates profits/revenue to maintain your project and what is its revenue model ? How can it make benefit win-win to both investor and your project ?

Eddy Christian: Good question, our revenue model is through comission, advertisement and for investor you will get a good value of our Token

Telegram User: How is it possible to obtain TOKO tokens? Besides these will be used to access MSME data via the Tokoin web platform, what other uses do they have? What are the benefits for stakeholders? Thank you!

Eddy Christian: stakeholders can enjoy ROI through token value, also can get the token from exchange and our company

Telegram User: Why is easier for an enterprise to start using blockchain technology to its business with the help of Tokoin than alone?

Eddy Christian: because we already build the infrastructure to be used by enterprise

Telegram User: Is toko book going to launch soon as you said tokoin will deploy the product in november?

Eddy Christian: yes you are right

Telegram User: What is Toko development plan and contribution to the DeFi region, What results do you expect to achieve in 2020 in regards to DeFi?

Eddy Christian: we have launch our DeFi 3 days ago

Telegram User: What difficulties have been encountered during the development of #TOKOIN? What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team leading the market? In contrast, what is your weakness? How do you plan to overcome it?

Eddy Christian: we faced time constraint that is quite limited so that’s why we are racing with time in terms of our development

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